GDS-40 Cable Stripping Machine

Product Detail

Teknik Ömer cable stripping machine is designed for the recycling industry to provide ease of processing, service, transfer and to protect our resources.

Our cable stripping machine uses the energy of a high efficiency and durable reducer motor to strip the cable with the steel blades in its body and is produced to make the material suitable for easy recycling.

Since it has been made ergonomic during R & D work, it has been produced in a portable way with wheels, considering the working conditions are variable.

Gds-40 series peels the outer covering material of Ø0 mm -Ø40 mm cables quickly and reliably and easily removes the material inside.

It offers excellent performance by stripping PVC coated cables, thick rubber coated cables, nylon coated cables, low grade cables, TT cables and more.

GDS-40 Cable Stripping Machine

Technicial Specifications

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